How to arrange widgets on your home page

The application is well-suited for dynamic configuration of the homepage depending on what content you want shown. From time-to-time, different content will be more meaningful for your readers, so changing the layout regularly may prove useful.

  1. Sign in to your application - you'll need to be administrator.

  2. You’ll know you are signed in as an admin because in the upper-right corner, you’ll see an Admin link. Click the Admin link to see the Admin dashboard. Note: The Facebook application does not show the admin link - so you'll need to visit the administration page directly. e.g.

  3. The Admin Dashboard menu will appear. From here, put your mouse on (mouse-over) the ‘Front Page’ menu item to reveal the ‘Front Page’ drop-down menu. Now hover the mouse over ‘Build Layout’, then click ‘Choose Widgets’

  4. This is the design screen for the homepage


Drag and drop, then arrange the widgets as you like. Once you have the widgets arranged to your liking, click on the ‘Save your layout’ button, in the upper-right portion of the page.

Note: sometimes you will have to layout widgets differently to get the desired flow that you wish. We use a tool called Masonry which lays out widgets in a dynamic manner. The exact generated layout is not entirely controllable/predictable ... and the layout you choose will be different in the Facebook Application view (which is narrower) than the Facebook Connect Website view.

  1. Now refresh the homepage to see your changes.