How do I place widgets from my community on an external web site?

To place widgets from your application on your website, you'll need to create an iframe tag
with src = and place it the html of your website in the location where you want the widget to appear. For example, the following code places a newest articles widget with 7 items from your site:
<iframe src ="" />

Here is a list of the widgets that we support currently:

Request new widgets here. Check out common options for widgets at the bottom of this post. Not all options are available on all widgets at this time.

Stories Lists news stories.

Articles Lists user generated blog posts:

Newswires Lists latest RSS newswire items (no sort or filter at this time):

Activities Shows the latest activities feed from your application.

Articles by a User This is handy users who want to post the widget on their own blog or website, or share with friends.

Use the option title_possessive=true if you want the title bar to say "My articles from Site Title" instead of the default title bar which says "Articles by User Name"

Blog Roll

Forum Roll

Latest Topics


Fan Button

Bookmark Your Application button Note: the Facebook bookmark button doesn't always appear - it depends on the user's Facebook session being active, whether they've authorized the application and whether they've already bookmarked the application - and ultimately there seems to be some Facebook randomness thrown in for good measure.

Common options are listed below:

count - limits the number of items e.g. count=7

sort - sort by newest (default) or top e.g. sort=top

filter - default is off, filter = featured will choose featured items. Only supported in Stories and Articles currently. e.g. filter=featured

scrollable - turns on sliding animation. Only supported for stories currently. e.g. scrollable=true

fan - if true, adds fan button below widget e.g. fan=true

hide_titlebar - if true, hides titlebar at top of widget e.g. hide_titlebar=true