What services does NewsCloud provide with its Facebook application?

NewsCloud is a free and open source application, available to anyone. If you wish to host and manage your NewsCloud community application yourself, check out our guide to the new easy installer. You may still need a system administrator with Ruby on Rails experience to make advanced changes to your site.

However, some organizations still opt to work with us directly to manage their applications. Here are the services we provide for our clients:

  • Setup of your application in our scalable Amazon cloud-based hosting environment and its Facebook platform registration

  • Design and integration of your application skin (graphical look & feel and typefaces) via our partner Blink

  • Initial training for your staff to learn how to configure and manage the application

  • Online technical support

  • Ongoing, regular updates to the latest feature improvements and bug fixes for the platform

  • Online tutorials, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and best practices

  • Regular monitoring of your application's performance

  • Interaction with the open source community to integrate improvements from other developers into our codebase

Other services we can provide include:

  • Social media consulting
  • Community management services (we'll promote and run your application so your staff doesn't have to)
  • Custom software development (generally, extensions to our application platform)

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