What's required to successfully run our Facebook application community?

Our Facebook application is best suited for medium to large sized organizations wishing to run an interactive community with their audience on a long term basis. Configuring the community and curating it regularly requires a fairly extensive commitment ... it is not a simple web service such as SurveyMonkey and should not be viewed as such.

What NewsCloud partners and clients need to do to successfully run our application:

  • Provide input on the application focus, goals and design aesthetics

  • Provide information related to application configuration

  • Assign one or more staff to manage the application on a regular basis

  • Regularly post and feature stories or other content on the site

  • Regularly participate in site activity, community discussions, etc.

  • Regularly promote features e.g. stories, ideas, forums, events, etc. in the application from other areas:

    • Link from your website to interactive features
    • Integrate interactive features of the application to content on your website e.g. idea gathering around a story post
    • Post content directly in the application and link to it from your website
    • Link from email newsletters
    • Promote in print materials
    • Link application features from Facebook page(s), some of this can be automated
    • Promote the application with Facebook ad(s), or other advertisements
    • Mention the application in PR
    • Print Flyers, give away stickers, t-shirts, etc. We've used So Tons Creative in the past for this.
  • Encourage the audience to participate e.g. posting, sharing, commenting, et al.

  • Some partners actively recruit volunteers to lead areas of their application e.g. topical forums, blogging, etc.

  • Encourage and respond to feedback from application participants

    • Reward participants based on quality and/or frequency of participation
  • Monitor statistical reports from the application to learn what’s working well and identify areas for improvement

If you prefer, NewsCloud can provide community manager(s) to work part or full time to run your application. Our community managers can conduct most of the tasks listed above, acting as a liaison between your staff and your online community and simplifying communication between your staff and NewsCloud on technical issues.

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